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We were asked recently to create a company page on Facebook for a client and then give them permission to update the page. Once they had permission they were not sure how to add a post to their page. This brief article does not show how to add them to a page. I'll address that in a later post. For now I'll let you know that I have made them Editors for the page in question. Once you have become an editor of your company page. Here is how to add a post.

Log into your personal account. If you read through the fine print on your Facebook account the assumption is one human, one account. I do not believe this has changed. You should not have more than one account and you should not share your account with anyone. That is why a company page is a separate concept. You create a company page from your personal account. You don't create a company account. See Facebook Terms section 4 for more information.

Once you are logged in, let first make sure that we are starting in the same place. On the top left of the page you will see the Facebook "F"

Click it to display your default timeline.

Once you are there, on the left side of your page you will see a section called "Pages"

Click on the page to which you would like to add a post.

At the top of the timeline you will see the box that is looking for your new post. 


Your will look a little different because it should have the profile picture of your company (if it is set), next to "Write something..." and a mini version of the same thing on the upper right side.

If these pictures are not of your company's profile picture you can verify or fix it by clicking the little down arrow next to the mini picture on the upper right.

The list that drops down are all the identities that you can post as (including your personal account). Choose (click on) your company account, The profile picture will change to your company account or remain the same if it was already chosen.

Now you are posting to Facebook as your company. 

Go ahead and write what you would like in the box that says "Write something..." and then click the publish button. Congratulations! you have now posted as your company.

Heartbleed BugWe have all been hearing warnings about the "Heartbleed" bug that effects web servers and can expose personal information when you visit a web site that was presumed secure. American Global Software and all of our clients have never employed the kind of encryption on our web sites that would leave users vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug. Furthermore, if in the future we have a need to use encryption of this sort, our servers have already been patched with the newest version of the security library which eliminates this bug. 


We appreciate your business here at American Global Software. Thank you.

Alas, "Patch Tuesday" this week appeared to fix some things AND break some others. If you use Microsoft Outlook 2013 after you rebooted your machine and opened Outlook you may have noticed that your folders were missing.


Microsoft applied a patch identified as KB2817630 which fixed a whole bunch of things (see list here but inadvertently broke the folders in a couple of versions of Outlook 2013.


To get your folders back you will have to uninstall this update.


First go to Control Panel → Programs → Uninstall a program in Windows 8. I believe it is Programs and Features in Windows 7.

On the upper right there will be an option called View installed updates. Click it.


What you will have is a long list of updates that have been installed on your computer. Look down the list and in the section for Office 2013 you should see an entry with (KB2817630) in the description. You will probably see 2 entries.

Right-click on the first one and left-click on Uninstall.

When the dialog box appears left-click on Uninstall. It may take a while but it will uninstall. You may be asked to reboot when complete. Just for safety's sake go ahead and let it reboot.


When your computer starts again you will have to go through the process again (you do remember you saw 2 updates with that number). Find the remaining update KB2817630 and uninstall that as well. Again you may have to reboot.


Now when you reboot your folders should return.


There is a caveat. I understand they have removed the update from the set of updates they sent out, however I found that the next day my machine had dutifully re-installed what had been uninstalled the day before. Microsoft's technet article ( suggests that you may have to uninstall the update associated with KB2817347 as well.


If it continues to be a problem, well, you now know how to fix and you won't have to repeat it forever. MS is working on re-publishing the September Public Update so the problem shouldn't last long.

American Global Software has updated it's technology to be able to update and secure your computer with Intune a protection program that will give you feedback and updates on the statue of your computer. AGS is also able to update your computer with Windows 365 which will give you access to all the 2013 Microsoft Office Programs.

Windows 8 is ready for installation but needs to be installed by a professional such as AGS, which also give an instructions on how advanced the new Windows 8 has become to enhence your office.

American Gloabal Software being a Microsoft Partner has the latest protection for your computer. You need to ask yourself these question:

· Is your business and computer up to date with the latest software ?

  Not being up to date with the latest software and updates can cause downtime in a business. When something goes wrong the first thing we do is say, "That damn computer." Well most of the time it isn't the computer. We need to realize it is a machine that needs care. Updates could be looked at as "Preventive Maintenance."

· Can you access your computer remotely giving you access to your business?

  Have you ever been in a hotel or on vacation and needed to access information from your business computer. Or just be at home and say to yourself that you forgot to take care of something and needed to access your business computer. Microsoft Office Essential can solve your probelm of remote access.

· Is your computer protected properly—need to look to Microsoft?

Somethimes the third party protection is not enough; such as Norton, etc. Microsoft with its Intune monitoring of virus and malware will eliminate these outside  sources before they get to your computer.

Let AGS increase the efficiency of your computer network

Eliminate the following:

1. Fear of lightening strikes!

2. Computer Vandalism!

3. How would a hard drive crash affect your business?

4. Virus and malware monitoring; protection you can trust!




A dynamic, content-centered, content-driven website can drive your business rather than be a drain on your business.

Is your website like an unproductive relative on the payroll, who does just enough to keep, yet not little enough to go through the pain to replace?

Your Website Should Drive your Business.We are finding more and more people who have had their websites for some time now and find it so difficult to make changes or update it, or to get help to do so, that the website just sits out there. They know they need to have one so they can't bring themselves to drop it. It is just accurate enough to keep, just inaccurate enough to bother them like a bad itch they can't scratch, or a nephew they can't fire.

A website should lead your business. It should be out front, leading the parade not at the back cleaning up. It should tell folk what it happening, where you are going, what is happening now, what is happening tomorrow, not what happened last year.

Over and over again we find ourselves sitting in front of small businesses that don't have the resources to put an IT team on keeping their web site up to date, but don't know what to do to keep it relevant. We are more and more excited about using the kind of technology that changes your website from a static structure that costs big time and money to make any changes to, to a dynamic publishing platform, that is as fluid as your business needs to be in this economic climate.

To be fair, when you built your website (fill in the blank) years ago you were in front of technology and proud of it. Technology, however, being what it is, moves so quickly that now it is looking pretty threadbare. We have been migrating our customers to newer content management systems that separate all the web hosting nuts and bolts from the content, making it much easier to make changes and add information than it has been in the past. In some cases our clients make their own changes, in others we still make the changes for them but in either case it requires far less overhead than it used to, and the changes can be made much more quickly than it could before.

Used to be that the only way you could have rapid changes to your website was to have a blog and you could add entries to your blog rather quickly. Now the entire website is as dynamic as your blog and can drive your business.

Jeff will be returning to the Best Practices Round Table at the Mukwonago Chamber of Commerce and Tourism offices on July 6 at 8AM, To lead another session on Social Networking. This time the slide deck will be at a minimum and we will dive right into a demo. We will

  • create a business page 
  • enter information about the business
  • assume the identity of that business
  • create a post / with a link back to a web site.
  • invite a person to like you
  • create a link to allow a person to post your site.

and, I am sure, answer a bunch of questions!

Recently I have been flummoxed over trying to get a virus protection program installed on a client's machine. Because of the way they work Virus Protection programs are pretty monogamous. Like wives, your life does not go well when you try to have more than one at a time (I am going to get in trouble for that comment). Pick one and stick to it or, uninstall the first one before you change.

Recently I tried to install a new virus program and had a rough time doing so. The computer said I already had one installed. I am a pretty saavy computer professional so I've seen lots of them but, looking at the task bar, looking at the installed programs, looking at the processes in Task Manager, I couldn't identify what the program was, yet the new program I was trying to load, continued to complain.

Somehow the computer knew that it an anti-virus program was already running (rightly or wrongly) but I couldn't tell. I also had the sneaking suspicion that I knew how to find out and would kick myself when I "remembered." I knew that if the computer knew what was stuck in that little programmatic cubby hole, I should be able to find out.

When all was said and done I did kick myself, so in hopes of saving you that same silliness. In Windows 7 (I think this is the same or similar in Vista, if you are silly enough to still be running Vista) open the Control Panel and choose System and Security and then choose Action Center.

In the Action Center if your sections are not already expanded (and that is the silliness I missed) you will see a few sections.


What threw me off was normally I see a number of action items that need attending (which like the accomplished professional I am I categorically ignore). But by clicking the down arrow next to security, it expands information about the security of your computer.



Voila! Here I find what I was looking for, the computer sharing with me what it already knows. It tells me here that I have Windows Intune Endpoint Protection up to date and on. It also tells me that it is also working as my Spyware program.

If you didn't have an anti-virus program or spyware program running, you would have an alert here and at the top of the page.

If you don't have an anti-virus program or spyware program running, get one. Period. For Windows the first level is to go to Download it. Install it. No excuses.

If you want to expand what that security can do for you on one or many machines, we are getting more and more excited about Microsoft Windows Intune. It comes with Intune Endpoint protection, a copy of Windows 7 Enterprise, and we are using it to monitor and support all our clients remotely. We see what trouble is happening before it becomes a problem, check updates, and can provide support and manage them all remotely from virtually any location. If you have a small office with machines that you never know if they are save and up to date and secure, you have to try Intune.  You can sign up for a trial at and if, when asked you provide partner #1130965, American Global Software can give you some options that would allow us to help you to manage those machines.


Jeff being welcomed as a new member to the Mukwonago Chamber of Commerce by his Chamber Ambassador Elizabeth M. DybaSo that we can better serve our friends here in Mukwonago Wisconsin, American Global Software has joined the Mukwonago Chamber of Commerce. Today Jeff was welcomed by his Chamber Ambassador, Elizabeth M. Dyba of The House of Insurance, presenting his plaque on a beautiful sunny day outside at the Chamber office. During the month of June, American Global Software, LLC will be a featured new business in The Mukwonago Chief, the local newspaper.

Since for many of you who live out of town it will be difficult to get a copy of the paper the announcement will be as follows (barring any last minute edits!):

Jeff Fillian relocated to Genesee late last year and brought with him the technology office of American Global Software, LLC a Georgia based partnership. American Global Software provides technology services for small and medium businesses. These services include website design and hosting, search engine prominence, programming, upgrading, troubleshooting, monitoring, cloud services consultation, provisioning and more. As Microsoft Small Business Specialists and with deep knowledge in both propriety and open source technology AGS is poised to understand your needs and provide solutions that suit your business.

He is particularly excited at the way offerings in the cloud are bringing technologies, that traditionally were only available to large businesses with deep pockets, into the hands of small and medium businesses. Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint in the cloud, remote monitoring and support services at a fraction of the cost of just a couple years ago.

Concerning the work they do on web site design, hosting and prominence Fillian says, “We’ve also learned that getting your web site prominence on the most popular search engines is not a one shot deal but an iterative process. We create and host dynamic sites that reflect our three goals ‘dynamic, focused and information rich.’ Coupled with a vibrant blog and connections to social networking sites makes your web site a central part of getting your message out. We then test how your site fares in the internet marketplace, make adjustments and then test again, and again. It is a dynamic place out there and you need to active to stay ahead of the competition!” 

Jeff has worked much of his career as the one stop technologist for small and medium businesses and non-profits in Connecticut, New York and Chicagoland as well as a developer and manager at the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago. Now that he and his wife have moved to the Mukwonago/Genesee area he is looking forward to helping local businesses with their technology challenges so they can concentrate on their business.

Not wasting any time, Jeff has been asked to lead a Best Practice Roundtable session on Social Networking for the Chamber on June 1.

We are excited to publish our new website and this new blog as well. We have made a strategic decision to start using some of the latest versions of Content Management software available for website publishing with this move. It allow us (and our customers) to be more nimble and responsive to changing market conditions and the growth that is occurring in their businesses. It is a little like the difference between how a home was built 50 years ago as opposed to now. Used to be that you would build a home one  two by four and one piece of plywood at a time. Every home was a custom build. There is still a place for that both in homes as well as with web pages, however 95% of the work we do can best be served by finding the appropriate pieces that have already been built, tested, and tested again and using those building block to craft a website that is dynamic, content driven and nimble.

This new design will finally allow us to support a blog. Technology changes so rapidly that we find that we need to continually publish new material and correct old to keep ourselves and our clients up to date with the latest information on how technical changes will effect their businesses. Stop back frequently in this spot as we discover and share the new and exciting developments that can help to move your business forward.

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