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American Gloabal Software being a Microsoft Partner has the latest protection for your computer. You need to ask yourself these question:

· Is your business and computer up to date with the latest software ?

  Not being up to date with the latest software and updates can cause downtime in a business. When something goes wrong the first thing we do is say, "That damn computer." Well most of the time it isn't the computer. We need to realize it is a machine that needs care. Updates could be looked at as "Preventive Maintenance."

· Can you access your computer remotely giving you access to your business?

  Have you ever been in a hotel or on vacation and needed to access information from your business computer. Or just be at home and say to yourself that you forgot to take care of something and needed to access your business computer. Microsoft Office Essential can solve your probelm of remote access.

· Is your computer protected properly—need to look to Microsoft?

Somethimes the third party protection is not enough; such as Norton, etc. Microsoft with its Intune monitoring of virus and malware will eliminate these outside  sources before they get to your computer.

Let AGS increase the efficiency of your computer network

Eliminate the following:

1. Fear of lightening strikes!

2. Computer Vandalism!

3. How would a hard drive crash affect your business?

4. Virus and malware monitoring; protection you can trust!




About Us

American Global Software seeks out and provides technology solutions for small to medium sized businesses. Why waste precious dollars on infrastructure, services and staff hours that you don’t have to. Today, small business can take advantage of big business services for a fraction of the cost. AGS can move you into robust cloud services, provide desktop support, support your web site and you don’t have to worry about machines, connections, updates, upgrades or extra staff. We can provide products such as Microsoft’s Office 365, CRM, virtual servers and open source offerings as well as desktop support and training for the computers and the people in your office from our offices in greater Atlanta and Fitchburg, WI.

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