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Heartbleed BugWe have all been hearing warnings about the "Heartbleed" bug that effects web servers and can expose personal information when you visit a web site that was presumed secure. American Global Software and all of our clients have never employed the kind of encryption on our web sites that would leave users vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug. Furthermore, if in the future we have a need to use encryption of this sort, our servers have already been patched with the newest version of the security library which eliminates this bug. 


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American Global Software seeks out and provides technology solutions for small to medium sized businesses. Why waste precious dollars on infrastructure, services and staff hours that you don’t have to. Today, small business can take advantage of big business services for a fraction of the cost. AGS can move you into robust cloud services, provide desktop support, support your web site and you don’t have to worry about machines, connections, updates, upgrades or extra staff. We can provide products such as Microsoft’s Office 365, CRM, virtual servers and open source offerings as well as desktop support and training for the computers and the people in your office from our offices in greater Atlanta and Fitchburg, WI.

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