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We are excited to publish our new website and this new blog as well. We have made a strategic decision to start using some of the latest versions of Content Management software available for website publishing with this move. It allow us (and our customers) to be more nimble and responsive to changing market conditions and the growth that is occurring in their businesses. It is a little like the difference between how a home was built 50 years ago as opposed to now. Used to be that you would build a home one  two by four and one piece of plywood at a time. Every home was a custom build. There is still a place for that both in homes as well as with web pages, however 95% of the work we do can best be served by finding the appropriate pieces that have already been built, tested, and tested again and using those building block to craft a website that is dynamic, content driven and nimble.

This new design will finally allow us to support a blog. Technology changes so rapidly that we find that we need to continually publish new material and correct old to keep ourselves and our clients up to date with the latest information on how technical changes will effect their businesses. Stop back frequently in this spot as we discover and share the new and exciting developments that can help to move your business forward.

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American Global Software seeks out and provides technology solutions for small to medium sized businesses. Why waste precious dollars on infrastructure, services and staff hours that you don’t have to. Today, small business can take advantage of big business services for a fraction of the cost. AGS can move you into robust cloud services, provide desktop support, support your web site and you don’t have to worry about machines, connections, updates, upgrades or extra staff. We can provide products such as Microsoft’s Office 365, CRM, virtual servers and open source offerings as well as desktop support and training for the computers and the people in your office from our offices in greater Atlanta and Fitchburg, WI.

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