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SEO is Dead, Long Live SEO

You’ve seen the ads “We’ll submit you to a billion engines” or the ads claiming to have figured out the secrets of Google, Yahoo, Ask or MSN.

We submit and we’ve learned the secrets too.

First, if you “submit” more than once you’re doing it wrong and you are at risk of making search engine bots really, really mad at you. Believe it or not search engine companies want to find you. We have the tools to help them rather than hound them. Hounding them is called spamming and on the internet spamming never ends well. The only spam that ever ends well is on wheat bread with mayo, cheese and lettuce.

Second, other than a very small set of techniques the secret is there are no secrets, except that of creating clear, focused, dynamic content better than your competition.

It isn’t magic and it’s not pretty, but it is our specialty.

What Search Engines Do

Think about it from the perspective of the search engine. Their goal is to find and index as much of the information on the internet as they can and to present it in a way that is most useful to people who use their service. The more quality search results you get from a search engine the more likely you are to use them again and on occasion click on one of those little paid ads where they make their millions.

What We Do

We work to create better, focused, clear, dynamic content than your competitors. We do it in a way that is most helpful to search engines to use. The result is that your page(s) becomes that quality search result.

How We Do It

Guerilla Warfare.

Search Engine Prominence and Optimization is a little like guerilla warfare. Our specialists analyze your site, the market for the specific key words you want and we analyze your competitors. How big is the market? What key words are appropriate for your business? What prominence does your site have when your key words are searched? Where are your competitors showing up? What are they doing better than you? Where are their vulnerabilities? Where are yours?

We work to get your listing to show up to the dance and then to start dancing; and here is the guerilla warfare part.

Once you attain your prominence the real work begins. Your competition is doing the same thing you are and once you steal his lunch money he is going to be looking for a way to steal yours. That is why you can be at the top one day and gone the next. Our job is to get your lunch money back.

Included in our premium service is monthly reporting on how your web site has performed over the past. What changes we’ve made, what our analysis has found, in yours and your competition’s sites and if major structural changes are necessary to help with your showing we will give a report on our suggestions as well before we begin our work.

Our Packages

  • Simple submission – Do it once, Do it right. We won’t do any prominence work on this one but we can assure that the major engines find you and look at your site. On most of the engines we can tell you how often they come back for a visit as well.
  • Search Engine Prominence: Local Market – if you are a brick and mortar business that does not market nationwide or worldwide we can optimize you for that market, provide prominence and traffic reports and keep you ahead of your competition.
  • Search Engine Prominence: Global Market – For most people this is just a set of key words without a locality. For example “HVAC Atlanta” is a much different search than “HVAC” alone. We provide services in this highly completive market as well with monthly traffic and analytical reporting to help you understand your results.

Call us. Let us analyze your market and needs make your web site work for you.


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American Global Software seeks out and provides technology solutions for small to medium sized businesses. Why waste precious dollars on infrastructure, services and staff hours that you don’t have to. Today, small business can take advantage of big business services for a fraction of the cost. AGS can move you into robust cloud services, provide desktop support, support your web site and you don’t have to worry about machines, connections, updates, upgrades or extra staff. We can provide products such as Microsoft’s Office 365, CRM, virtual servers and open source offerings as well as desktop support and training for the computers and the people in your office from our offices in greater Atlanta and Fitchburg, WI.

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