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You need to explore a presence on the world wide web.

Even a year old yellow pages ad or trade journal ad is new and fresh if your potential customer has a web address to refer to. Late breaking changes and new products can be shared immediately with an up to date web site and email notification.

Increasingly customers and associates expect to check your company out first on your web site even if they have seen your ad.

If a customer has two similar ads in a magazine/trade journal/yellow pages ad and one has a web address to refer to, a motivated customer will refer to your web site first and check you out first before calling anyone.

Who Doesn't Need a Website:

  • If you have no need to increase your customer base.
  • If the only way a customer can ever find out about your business
    is through trade journals or yellow pages that have long lead times and longer shelf life so that the information cannot be fresh and up to date.
  • If you will only do business with 60-somethings who are not interested in the internet.
  • If your customers and associates only communicate with envelopes and stamps.
  • You have no need of internet technology.

Why should I have a Website?

  • If you need to do busness with someone under 40 .... even under 50...
  • If you want to attract new customers and associates in today's market....
  • If you want attractive, up to the minute, informational and advertising information.....
  • If you want the credibility of a company that is in step with technology
    (even if computer technology is not your product)...
  • If you want the customer satisfaction of nearly immediate communications....

Domain Registration and Hosting

American Global Software has the ability to Design and Create a Website that will enhance your business and give it an appearance that will create the environment on the internet that will draw your customers.

AGS will park a domain with no monthly cost.

  • LEVEL 1 :
    • (one pop3 or one forwarded email address) each additional email is extra.
    • email response to trouble ticket submissions .
  • LEVEL 2 :
    • five - pop3 or forwarded email addresses.
    • email response to trouble ticket submission
  • LEVEL3 :
  • phone service
  • email service
  • 5 email boxes (forwarded or pop)
  • Literature and picture change on the site with no charge
  • Does not include complete page changes
  • All domains will receive periodic backups of the web sites for disaster recovery geographically disbursed email and name services. If the network around our Midwest data center is interrupted although email cannot be picked up while the network is down, all email will be stored until the network is restored and will then be available.
  • Access to both a test and production sites (Where applicable). Most providers only provide access to one site. AGS will provide both and so that you can experiment and change as much as you would like on your test domain and when you are happy then transfer that information to your production site.

Shopping Cart with Online Payment

AGS can incorporate into your website the ability for e-commerce purchasing. This will give your customers the ability to buy directly from you with their credit card and have you ship directly to their front door.

AGS can help you track your web site activity and help you to capture the kind of information from your customers so you can take advantage of the kinds of Permission Based Marketing that email does so effectively and inexpensively.

AGS has the ability to Design and Create a Website that will enhance your business and give it an appearance that will create the environment on the internet that will draw your customers.

Cost of shopping cart does not include the time taken to load the cart with the products. The cost of loading the product into the cart would have a cost per item.

Cost would include;
1. Loading the picture of the product.
2. Setting up the price, size and colors required.
3. Setting up the shipping.
4. Doing the administration required in the futures.
5. Setting up the pgp for the decrypting of the cart.
c. Any items added or changed in the cart will be classified as stated in (a.).
Plus the cost of hosting the Shopping Cart

Layout with Initial Design

Any new pages added to a web site. This does not include any graphics or flash. Graphics and flash will be determined individually on each web site. The first time flash cost is determined when setting up the web site on the original contract. Logo cost and the presentation will include (5) logos. Any idea on the logo will be included in the (5). If no idea is presented and the customers does not accept one of the (5) and wants more idea, there will then be an extra cost. Pictures taken and are not web ready and have to be process through will be charged individual. If pictures have to be taken for a web site the cost will be determine at that time.

Cost for the size of the web site will not vary as long as the web site is under 25 pages.

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American Global Software seeks out and provides technology solutions for small to medium sized businesses. Why waste precious dollars on infrastructure, services and staff hours that you don’t have to. Today, small business can take advantage of big business services for a fraction of the cost. AGS can move you into robust cloud services, provide desktop support, support your web site and you don’t have to worry about machines, connections, updates, upgrades or extra staff. We can provide products such as Microsoft’s Office 365, CRM, virtual servers and open source offerings as well as desktop support and training for the computers and the people in your office from our offices in greater Atlanta and Fitchburg, WI.

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